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Printed over 2.5 million times, The Be Kind Pledge is implemented in schools across the country, reminding students to be kind people. The Be Kind Pledge teaches 10 essential skills of kindness, setting expectations using positive language. The evidence-based character education model helps students learn pro-active solutions for bullying, cyberbullying, civility, respect, and success. This positive learning approach is shaping the next generation of citizens and leaders.

What People Are Saying About The Be Kind People Project

Every day our students practice kindness, have positive attitudes, are supportive, encouraging and considerate of each other. They strive to be helpful, honest and responsible. Our children endeavor to ‘be kind’ friends to one another and to themselves! Thank you to the BE KIND project!

  • School Principal
The Be Kind Program is our school’s core positive, behavioral and emotional program utilized on campus since 2017. Since implementing this program, we have seen a significant decrease in student referrals and suspensions.
  • School Social Worker
Be Kind has helped transform our campus into a kinder and more cohesive school community. The Be Kind People Project is about showing children, and adults that the way to spread kindness is by being kind to one another. The Be Kind Pledge gives us a common language of kindness to discuss, teach, and share.
  • School Principal
Since we implemented the BE KIND project, our young scholars and their families have embraced the vocabulary of the BE KIND tenets and concepts; thus, furthering the goal of being well-rounded, responsible, kind and caring life-long learners.
  • School principal

The Impact of Kindness

Results from BE KIND Schools

20% reduction in school behavior incidents after one year of BE KIND programming

11% comparatively higher change in standardized test scores

91% of parents believe that character education is related to their children’s academic success

92% of teachers believe that BE KIND programs can make a powerful impact in their students’ lives

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