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Our Vision: To build a generation of respectful, responsible, healthy, and caring citizens and leaders.

Our mission: To deliver relevant learning and youth development opportunities that inspire humanity, academic achievement and healthy living in students wherever and however they learn.

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Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Kind.
is encouraging healthy lifestyles by teaching students, teachers, and families how to use the Healthy Habits Checklist™, to make proper nutrition choices, improve overall fitness, and encourage kind behavior.

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The Be Kind People Project (BKPP)  is focused on initiating positive social change. Integrated in proven programming, The Be Kind Pledge™ defines the skills of kindness and helps students understand what TO do instead of what NOT to do.

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Be Kind After School Programs offer project based learning by THE BE KIND CREW®.  Using urban dance and experiential activities, each interactive session gives students the opportunity to put The Be Kind Pledge™ into action.

Who We Are

The Be Kind People Project is a non-profit dedicated to providing students with comprehensive youth development programming that effectively combine social and emotional learning with academics.

Through experience and project-based learning, students are equipped with solid framework for decision-making and taking accountability for building respectful interpersonal relationship skills, improving academic results, and forming enduring values.

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What We Do

The Be Kind People Project offers unique and culturally relevant youth development programs that effectively combine academics, character education, fitness, nutrition, digital citizenship, civic awareness, teacher appreciation, and family engagement.

The Be Kind Crew™ Assemblies
Classroom Kindness Kits
Be Kind Break™
Be Kind School™
Be Kind After School™
Be Fit Be Healthy Be Kind™
Be Kind Pledge™ Flash Mobs
Youth Leadership Conferences
Teacher Appreciation
Family Engagement
Community Recognition
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The Impact of Kindness

Student achievement and confidence improves
Teachers are recognized and appreciated
Classrooms are mobilized with pay-it-forward projects
School culture unifies
Families are engaged and influenced
Communities benefit

Our Impact:
28 Million classroom resources delivered nationwide
200,000 Teacher contacts
310 Be Kind Crew assemblies presented
5 Million student contacts

The Be Kind Crew Helps Strengthen Students, Schools & Communities

Building Healthy Relationships

Themes of The Be Kind Pledge™ form the foundation for active learning for students, with a focus on respectful interpersonal relationships.   Robust recognition programs provide reinforcement for students and teachers, and Classroom Kindness Kits™  are distributed quarterly with materials and supplies for pay-it-forward projects.

Academic Improvement

Presented with the attitude and energy of The Be Kind Crew™ , current state and federal academic learning standards are reinforced with  grade-specific, ready-to-use lessons, contests, and monthly challenges that integrate character education and academic skills.

Community and Family Engagement

The important values of respect, personal responsibility, and gratitude are reinforced with regular civic awareness and service projects designed to help students learn and then practice how to extend the values of kindness into the community and in their personal lives as they grow into adult citizens and leaders.

Creative Expression

Through the culturally relevant language of urban dance, spoken word poetry, personal expression, and movement, The Be Kind Crew provides interactive and memorable programs and school assemblies that help kids understand it really IS cool to be kind.

Kindness Meter


Taken The Be Kind Pledge

The Be Kind Pledge
Happy Students
Be Fit Be Healthy Be Kind
School Days Performed

We focus on a singular trait of the Be Kind pledge each month, incorporating PKPP web resources into our morning announcements, and use the framework of BKPP when helping students understand how to redirect their undesired behaviors. Under this plan, we have seen a reduction in office referrals, an increase in kindness amongst students, and significantly positive overall impact.

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of BKPP and all they offer to not only our community, but also society as a whole.

Melisaa FaehAssistant Principal, Kiva Elementary School

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this program. In the four years that I have had them as part of my after school program I see a big difference in the climate of the school and the conversations that staff and students are having with each other. Each day I find opportunities to ask students if they are being respectful or responsible or a friend to another student. The message is simple, but the Be Kind Program has given us the tools to make that message, fun, engaging and impactful.

Tami TaylorSite Coordinator, Echo Mountain Primary and Intermediate Schools

For the past three years, Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona has beena proud partner of the Be Kind People Project to bring our “Cyclefor Success” program to students and teachers across Arizona.

Thanks to the Be Kind People Project, we are able to “ride” into elementary schools to present students with new bikes, helmets and locks for all the good works and kind acts they have been doing in and around the school this year. As an added treat, Subway, Dasani Water and Shamrock Farms surprise each child’s entire class with a special lunch right in their classrooms. Program partner The Be Kind People Project not only joins in the celebration, honoring both students’ teachers for their hard work in mentoring and tirelessly teaching kindness to the community’s youth, but coordinates with partner schools statewide to spread the word on the program and help ensure its success.

Alison BailinSKAS Executive Committee

We, at Scottsdale Bible Church, have been pleased to partner with The Be Kind People Project. We kicked off this partnership by providing a Be Kind Crew assembly for the entire student body. We also provided character education materials for the teachers and students for the school year. This endeavor was so successful, it has continued into the next school year with another full-school assembly, comprehensive in school character education and an after school program that was customized to the needs of the students.

Troy PetersonExecutive Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts, Scottsdale Bible Church

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We thank teachers and equip their students with character development tools to help build positive and healthy relationships.    The overall education environment in America’s schools can improve with our innovative approach to social and emotional learning.

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