The Be Kind Pledge™

Integrated in proven programming, The Be Kind Pledge defines the skills of kindness and helps students understand how to be kind in their daily lives. Kindness is at the core of how people of all ages respect, communicate with, and treat others. Because meaningful character education is an essential pillar of effective social, emotional, and academic learning, The Be Kind People Project provides students with an evidence-based learning approach so they will understand what TO do instead of what NOT to do.

What Others Are Saying About The Be Kind People Project

Everyday our students practice kindness, have positive attitudes, are supportive, encouraging and considerate of each other. They strive to be helpful, honest and responsible. Our children endeavor to ‘be kind’ friends to one another and to themselves! Thank you to the BE KIND project!
  • School Principal
The Be Kind Program is our school’s core positive, behavioral and emotional program utilized on campus since 2017. Since implementing this program, we have seen a significant decrease in student referrals and suspensions.
  • School Social Worker
Be Kind has helped transform our campus into a kinder and more cohesive school community. The Be Kind People Project is about showing children, and adults that the way to spread kindness is by being kind to one another. The Be Kind Pledge gives us a common language of kindness to discuss, teach, and share.
  • School Principal
Since we implemented the BE KIND project, our young scholars and their families have embraced the vocabulary of the BE KIND tenets and concepts; thus, furthering the goal of being well-rounded, responsible, kind and caring life-long learners.
  • School principal

Population Served by The Be Kind People Project

Benefits to Students, Schools, and Communities


Behavior referrals reduced by an average of 19% in the first year and 47% in the third year of BE KIND programming.


An 11% higher academic improvement on standardized test scores is associated with schools implementing The BE KIND School classroom resources in the first year.


After Be Kind Programs, 94% of students surveyed were able to identify and apply healthy habits.


After a #CyberSkills program, 97% of students commit to showing kindness online.

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