Character Education

At The Be Kind People Project we define kindness as intentionally extending good to others. It’s a choice and it’s truly contagious!

Because meaningful character education is an essential pillar of effective social, emotional, and academic learning, we provide students with an evidence-based learning approach applied to The Be Kind Pledge that defines the skills of kindness and helps students understand what TO do instead of what NOT to do.

Be Kind Programs

As a comprehensive youth development program, The Be Kind People Project serves youth wherever and however they learn. Our unique evidence-based programs provide an innovative framework for youth development that helps students effectively understand, link, and apply social, emotional, academic, civic, nutrition, physical, wellness, leadership, online, and character education.


BE KIND CREW Assemblies

Interactive, high energy assembly performed by THE BE KIND CREW that teach students how to understand and apply the skills of The Be Kind Pledge.

After School & Summer Classes

After School Classes

After school and summer classes with project-based learning offered through dance, leadership, community service, fitness, and gardening.

Curriculum & Resources

Classroom Resources

Monthly online lessons, activities, and videos that link academics with character education, wellness, and online responsibility for consistent student engagement.


Teacher Professional Development

Foundational concepts in social and emotional learning and strategies for implementing Be Kind programs into the school environment.

Parent / Family Engagement

Family Engagement

Involve/engage families with hands-on activities and opportunities to apply principles at home.


Summer Programs

Be Kind Summer Camp and Summer Sessions, include dance, games, music, art, and fitness centered around the principles of responsibility and community.


FREE Videos and Lessons

FREE online videos and lessons that integrate national academic standards with character, health, and online education.

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