All-School Assemblies

The Be Kind People Project is sweeping the nation with kindness! Through the upbeat energy of THE BE KIND CREW, students and teachers across the country are motivated and inspired to initiate positive social change inside and outside of the classroom. These NEW high-energy assemblies, now available virtually, bring the skills of kindness to life through music, dance, and spoken word- teaching students that it’s COOL to be kind. Using interactive experiences, students and teachers are motivated to “be kind people” and make the world around us a kinder place! By combining urban dance and social and emotional learning, THE BE KIND CREW teaches kids across the nation to put The Be Kind Pledge into action.

To date, over 500 Assemblies have been presented all across the country. Contact us to bring THE BE KIND CREW to your school!

The Be Kind Pledge

Be Kind City Assembly

By learning and celebrating what TO do, instead of what NOT to do, students learn how to understand and apply the skills of The Be Kind Pledge. Rooted in kindness and civility, the assembly takes students on a journey through The Be Kind City™ where they will learn how to put The Be Kind Pledge into action as they stop at unique locations such as Groove Street, Be Kind Bridge, Boom Box Academy, and Be Kind Hive. This program uses evidence-based Social and Emotional Learning practices to help students build healthy relationship skills and foster a respectful and inclusive learning environment.
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Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Kind Assembly

The Be Fit. Be Healthy. Be Kind assembly motivates and inspires students to be kind to themselves by making proper nutrition choices, improving overall fitness, and creating healthy habits that last a lifetime. Students will enjoy performances by THE BE KIND CREW, get up and moving, and learn the skills necessary to Be Fit, Be Healthy, and Be Kind!
Now available online!

#CyberSkills Assembly

With the foundation of the assembly being The Be Kind Pledge, the assembly focuses on respect, responsibility, and safety in regard to online behavior. Through spoken word and group conversation, THE BE KIND CREW teaches students how to be a responsible online citizen.

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