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Be recognized as a “BE KIND SCHOOL” with a comprehensive year-round solution to improve behavior and academics.

As a BE KIND SCHOOL, your campus will receive a comprehensive, teacher-friendly program that delivers The Be Kind Pledge. Printed over 2.5 million times, The Be Kind Pledge is implemented in schools across the country, reminding students to be kind people. The Be Kind Pledge teaches 10 essential skills of kindness, setting expectations using positive language. The evidence-based character education model helps students learn pro-active solutions for bullying, cyberbullying, civility, respect, and success. This evidence-based learning approach is shaping the next generation of citizens and leaders.

How does it work?

Step 1

Contact us to get started and purchase the year-round character education solution.

Step 2

We’ll provide everything you need to transform your school with The Be Kind Pledge. This includes an all-school assembly, teacher training, classroom materials, and more!

Step 3

Become a designated BE KIND SCHOOL!

What’s included in The BE KIND SCHOOL?

As a designated “BE KIND School”, you’ll receive a comprehensive year-round solution to integrate evidence-based character education into your school culture.


Included in THE BE KIND SCHOOL is your choice of our high-energy assemblies presented by THE BE KIND CREW, bringing the skills of kindness to life through music, dance, and spoken word – teaching students that it’s COOL to be kind. Using interactive experiences, students and teachers are motivated to “be kind people” and make the world around us a kinder place!

Available assembly options:

The BE KIND Assembly – focusing on civility, character, respect, and putting The Be Kind Pledge into action at school, at home, and in the community

BE FIT. BE HEALTHY. BE KIND Assembly – inspiring healthy habits, wellness, self-regulation, responsibility, and self-care

#Cyberskills Assembly – focused on respect, responsibility, and safety in regard to online behavior


Schools will have unlimited access to an online learning program that includes character education lessons, videos, and activities. Focusing on the skills of The Be Kind Pledge, the grade-specific lessons are written to national academic, character education, and CDC standards. Some highlights of this evidence-based virtual program include the MOVE of the Month dance videos, youth community service projects, healthy recipes, diversity discussions, educational worksheets, and grade-specific learning.


Following a live assembly, THE BE KIND CREW will host a special Grace’s Groupies classroom visit to present the entry level of the curriculum to the SPED students and engage them through music and kinesthetic learning. Each child will be recognized with their own CREW materials and supplies.

Participating schools have a dedicated Kindness Concierge that works with them throughout the year to ensure programs are implemented effectively.
The program includes our evidence-based online surveys that measure program impact and changes in classroom climate based on youth development research methods. Results are presented on the National School Kindness Meter and will be shared with the school.
Your school will be designated as a “BE KIND SCHOOL” – signifying it’s commitment to character, civility, and respect and its partnership with The Be Kind People Project. As a part of this designation, we will provide your school with a “BE KIND SCHOOL” banner and digital recognition materials.
Weekly emails with kindness tips and resources that encourage healthy habits and can be forwarded to families.
BE KIND Teacher Boxes with posters, stickers, and pay-it-forward cards. Designation as a “BE KIND School” with a school banner, digital recognition materials, and media kit.

Improve Behavior and Academics with Evidence-Based Character Education

Benefits to Students

How can BE KIND Make a Difference in mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being for children?

As a youth development non-profit, BE KIND serves schools with evidence-based programs that meet National Academic, Character, and CDC Standards. BE KIND Programs fit into the CDC’s Evidence-Based Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Framework.

Become a BE KIND School and help students strengthen their emotional well-being by:

  • Developing the skills to recognize and manage emotions
  • Learning to set and achieve positive goals
  • Learning to appreciate the perspectives of others
  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationships
  • Making responsible decisions

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Given everything that our students have gone through during this pandemic and all of the social development that they have missed out on, they really needed a structured curriculum that was not only driven by current standards but also fun. What makes The Be Kind People Project unique is that it found a way to deliver the content to students while also keeping them involved, engaged and motivated.

School Counselor

Since implementing this program, we have seen a significant decrease in student referrals and suspensions. Our culture on campus among staff and students is encouraging and assisting with the constant growth we are seeing in academics and behaviors.

School Social Worker

Since we implemented the BE KIND project, our young scholars and their families have embraced the vocabulary of the BE KIND tenants and concepts; thus, furthering the goal of being well-rounded, responsible, kind and caring life-long learners.

Kick off the school year with character, civility, and respect.

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