NFL Foundation invests in The Be Kind People Project to leave a positive lasting legacy beyond Super Bowl LVII

We are THRILLED to announce that the largest Super Bowl LVII Legacy Grant has been awarded to The Be Kind People Project for the buildout of The BE KIND Community Education Center, a creative and holistic hub for community engagement. The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee, in partnership with the National Football League (NFL) Foundation, is investing in nonprofit organizations across Arizona to leave a positive lasting legacy.

The Phoenix community center will have a transformative impact on the community and serve as the conduit between service providers and youth who could receive the maximum benefits in social, health, fitness, and arts programming.

With its focus on creating a lasting impact in the state of Arizona long after the Super Bowl game itself, The Be Kind Community Education Center will be a lasting representation of the investment the NFL and Super Bowl Host Committee made in the state and serve generations of citizens and fans into the future.

The BE KIND Community Education Center will provide an engaging space for:

  • After-school classes and summer camps 
  • Performing arts classes and youth recitals
  • STEM and technology classes
  • The BE KIND Education Council 
  • Student mentoring
  • Grandparents care reading programs
  • Mentoring and tutoring programs
  • Sib Shops – classes for siblings of children with special needs
  • Health and Wellness activities – group sports, yoga, dance
  • The BE KIND National Youth Board 
  • Nutrition education and cooking classes
  • Art galleries and expositions
  • The BE KIND Business retreats 
  • Family engagement
  • Space for youth service providers
  • Community service

The BE KIND Community Education Center will further the mission of The Be Kind People Project and amplify our existing programs, partnerships, and impact. Because of YOUR support, this work is made possible. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to The BE KIND Community Education Center!

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