Online Responsibility

Building respectful, responsible, and safe online relationship skills.

#CyberSkills educates and inspires students and teachers to practice the skills of The Be Kind Pledge online. With the foundation being respect, responsibility, and safety online, this innovative program offers solutions for cyberbullying problems.

The Problem

More than


of US teens have experienced bullying or harassment online.

The Solution

Programs that target cyberbullying have a


probablity of reducing cyberbullying perpetration and a 73% probability of reducing cyberbullying victimization

Become a Designated “BE KIND School”

Our Proactive Solution to Cyberbullying

As a designated “BE KIND School”, you’ll receive a comprehensive year-round solution to integrate character education and online safety into your school culture. Schools receive an all-school #CyberSkills assembly and over 75 monthly ready-to-use lessons, classroom materials, daily school announcements, student recognition materials, and ongoing professional development for teachers. The #CyberSkills program aligns with the Cyberbullying Research Center, teaching strategies for cyberbullying identification, prevention, and response.

“#Cyberskills helped to show my students that technology can be used for intentional good, and that good is infectious to those around them!”

Middle School Teacher

“I recognize that social media is not going anywhere, so the need to empower our young people to be safe, responsible, and kind online is urgent.”

Middle School Teacher

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