Online Responsibility


Building respectful, responsible, and safe online relationship skills.

#CyberSkills educates and inspires students and teachers to practice the skills of The Be Kind Pledge online. With the foundation being respect, responsibility, and safety online, this innovative program offers solutions for cyberbullying problems.

#CyberSkills Programs

As a comprehensive youth development program, The Be Kind People Project serves youth wherever and however they learn. Our unique evidence-based programs provide an innovative framework for youth development that helps students effectively understand, link, and apply social, emotional, academic, civic, nutrition, physical, wellness, leadership, online, and character education.


#CyberSkills Assemblies by THE BE KIND CREW

Presented by THE BE KIND CREW, these high energy all-school assemblies inspire, motivate, and educate students while focusing on digital cultural awareness inspiring students to practice respect, responsibility, and safety online.

Curriculum & Resources

The Be Kind School

The Be Kind School monthly classroom resources, lessons, activities, and projects links online safety and responsibility with evidence-based national standards, academic enrichment, character development, and wellness, encouraging students to practice a wide range of skill sets that last a lifetime!


Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development is designed to help teachers apply The Be Kind Pledge in their classroom. The training provides evidence-based strategies and teacher-friendly resources lessons, videos, and projects that aim to improve classroom climate, academic achievement, wellness, and online safety.