Virtual Social And Emotional Education For America’s Students – Wherever And However They’re Learning

Whether at school or at home, The BE KIND Academy is effectively and safely delivered to your classroom. Our new virtual package includes comprehensive virtual social and emotional learning, character education, health, academic, and digital responsibility education for classrooms, small groups, and at-home learning.  With the foundation of The Be Kind Pledge™, students will learn pro-active solutions for bullying, cyberbullying, civility, respect, and success.

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The BE KIND Academy gives schools comprehensive, effective, and consistent youth development components at a value price with virtual access for teachers, parents, and students wherever and however they will be learning throughout the 20-21 school year.

What’s included in The BE KIND Academy?

The ultimate program to bring effective Social And Emotional Learning into the culture of your learning environment.

Virtual BE KIND CREW Assembly— Interactive Movie Starring THE BE KIND CREW

Included in the package is the signature, engaging, fun, and high-energy assembly presented in a thirty-minute movie format by THE BE KIND CREW. This program brings the skills of kindness to life through music, dance, and spoken word. This interactive learning experience includes follow along movement and dance and is rooted in teaching the skills of kindness, social and emotional learning, and building healthy relationships with oneself and others. The evidence-based virtual assemblies are designed to inspire, educate, and motivate positive action in classrooms, small groups, and at home. The assembly is available in two formats:

  1. The BE KIND City™ Assembly – focusing on civility, character, respect, and putting The Be Kind Pledge into action at school, at home, and in the community
  2. BE FIT. BE HEALTHY. BE KIND Assembly – inspiring healthy habits, wellness, self-regulation, responsibility, and self-care

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The Be Kind School

Members will have unlimited access to The BE KIND School, an online learning program that includes over 60 monthly lessons, videos, and activities. Focusing on the skills of The Be Kind Pledge, the grade-specific lessons are written to national academic, social and emotional learning, and CDC standards. Some highlights of this evidence-based virtual program include the MOVE of the Month dance videos, youth community service projects, healthy recipes, diversity discussions, educational worksheets, and grade-specific learning.

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CREW Connections and REAL TALK Webinars with THE BE KIND CREW

As a member of The BE KIND Academy, schools/individuals will receive access to additional benefits, including REAL TALK Webinars with THE BE KIND CREW. These webinars will provide real-time social interaction, exclusive student contests, music videos, and playlists by THE BE KIND CREW, all from the safety of a computer or tablet. The fun and interactive webinars review and apply concepts from The Be Kind Pledge while keeping students inspired and engaged whether they are in a classroom or at home.

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Social and Emotional Professional Development Training Videos

The BE KIND Academy also provides social and emotional training videos for teachers and caregivers. The videos are designed to help educators apply The Be Kind Pledge in their classrooms or homes. The video training provides evidence-based strategies and teacher-friendly resources, lessons, videos, and projects that aim to improve classroom climate and academic achievement. As part of the training, participants will receive discussion points for diversity and inclusion best practices.

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Evidence-Based Surveys

The program includes our evidence-based online surveys that measure program impact and changes in classroom climate based on youth development research methods.  Feedback and program results will be shared with the school.

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Bring the skills of kindness, health, respect, and inclusion into the culture of your learning environment.

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