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Character Education Lessons, Videos, Projects, Worksheets, & Games for K-8 Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents, you’ve finally found a program that integrates academics with important life skills and values. Our online resources include:

  • Academic Standards
  • Character Education
  • Wellness
  • Mindfulness
  • Digital Responsibility

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Interactive Kindness Lessons for Grades K-8

Bring kindness into your classroom or home!


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National Academic Standards Integrated with Character Education

Kindness in Action

Character, Health, & Online Responsibility

PREMIUM Classroom Resources

Included with The BE KIND School™

Relationship Skills

Kindness, Teamwork, & Civics

Responsible Decision-Making

Lifelong Values, Social Responsibility, and Self-Control

Healthy Lifestyles

Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellness, Resilience, & Self-Confidence

Community and Respect

Culture, Gratitude, & Recognition

Printable Materials

Brain Exercises, Student Recognition, & Gratitude

Instructor Resources

Values-Based Creative Activities and Materials, Positive Classroom Culture

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Each lesson is written to national academic, character education, and health standards to bring kindness into the classroom. Used throughout the program, these national standards are conveniently included on every page so that you can adapt them to any curriculum, program, or state standard.

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