Are you and your school/organization looking for a unique and interactive program that will engage your students in a hands-on project, promote healthy habits, and encourage responsibility? Let me tell you more about our teacher-friendly school garden program!

The Be Kind Salsa Garden program is designed to cultivate student leaders who take responsibility for their garden and their health. Using teamwork and project-based learning, students learn to love and appreciate fresh and healthy food while taking ownership of a sustainable project and improving their knowledge and understanding of STEM.

WHAT’S INCLUDED? Be Kind Salsa Gardens are a stress-free process, even for the busiest bees because this program includes all garden plants, seeds, materials, lessons, worksheets, and three educational sessions for garden beginners!


Promotes Healthy Habits that Last a Lifetime

Includes Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Students and their Families

Provides Academic Enrichment in Science, Reading, and Math

Fosters Appreciation for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Encourages Teamwork, Sustainability, and Physical Activity

Includes Games, Fitness Challenges, & Dancing

We believe in the importance of health, wellness and kindness and we know that you do too! We’re here to help your students create healthy habits that last a lifetime.