The work of The Be Kind People Project for the benefit of youth is developed, implemented, and managed by The School Support Group. With an attitude of students first and a commitment to excellence in quality, attention to impact and results, responsiveness, sustainability, and innovation, The Be Kind People Project combines non-profit and business best practices in a work environment that reflects The Be Kind Pledge.


  • Marcia Meyer
    Marcia Meyer Chief Executive Office
    • Bo Whittenton
      Bo Whittenton Chief Services & Programs Officer
      • Warren Soberg
        Warren Soberg Chief Financial Officer

        Academic, Wellness, and Online Programs

        • Ashley Brannon
          Ashley Brannon Senior National Director of Program Impact & Marketing
          • Krysta Flores
            Krysta Flores School Wellness & Events Coordinator
            • Alix Clark
              Alix Clark Family Engagement Communication & Logistics Manager
              • Sonia Dax
                Sonia Dax Social & Emotional Learning Specialist
                • Kirstie Eriksson
                  Kirstie Eriksson Professional & Curriculum Development Specialist
                  • Haley Penny
                    Haley Penny Classroom Content Specialist
                    • Jacquie Shea
                      Jacquie Shea School Gardens & Sustainability Intern
                      • Rachael Vargas
                        Rachael Vargas Manager of Digital Communication & Special Events
                        • Jillian Geiser
                          Jillian Geiser Community Projects Intern
                          • Mauro Maynez
                            Mauro Maynez School Wellness Programs & Events Intern
                            • Amanda Torrez
                              Amanda Torrez School Wellness Programs & Events Intern

                              THE BE KIND CREW

                              • Melissa Britt
                                Melissa Britt Senior National Director of Creative & Strategic Education Practices
                                • Adri Preston
                                  Adri Preston THE BE KIND CREW Manager & Community Outreach Coordinator
                                  • Anthony Kelly
                                    Anthony Kelly Word Choreographer & Content Development Manager

                                    Sustainability and Impact

                                    • Wendy Heller Chovnick
                                      Wendy Heller Chovnick Director of Research, Strategy, & Grant Writing
                                      • Daniel Callen
                                        Daniel Callen Information & Database Manager
                                        • Aamirah Chisti
                                          Aamirah Chisti Research & Impact Analyst Intern

                                          Operations and Logistics

                                          • Wendy Peterson
                                            Wendy Peterson Manager of School Resources, Procurement & Volunteer Services
                                            • Jody Meadows
                                              Jody Meadows Student Materials Fulfillment
                                              • Diego Palomino
                                                Diego Palomino School Assembly Logistics & Equipment Manager
                                                • Salem Prouty
                                                  Salem Prouty Assembly Set-Up
                                                  • Larry Hasche
                                                    Larry Hasche Supplies & Materials

                                                    Concept Innovation and Brand Development

                                                    • Flip Rapier
                                                      Flip Rapier Creative Director & Designer
                                                      • Randy Rhode
                                                        Randy Rhode Master Videographer & Visual Media Specialist
                                                        • Francisco Monarrez
                                                          Francisco Monarrez Education & Visual Media Specialist
                                                          • Jaideen Cobb
                                                            Jaideen Cobb Digital Communication & Graphic Design Intern
                                                            • Haley Armenta
                                                              Haley Armenta Videography Intern
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