After School & Summer Classes

The Be Kind People Project offers a variety of unique and evidence-based after school programs that provide an innovative framework for youth development that help students effectively understand, link, and apply social, emotional, academic, civic, nutrition, physical, wellness, leadership, online, and character education.

Using urban dance and a high energy, interactive approach, THE BE KIND CREW connects with students and inspires them to develop a personal code of conduct using principles found in The Be Kind Pledge. Be part of Arizona’s most innovative and effective After School programs!

The Be Kind Pledge
Evidence-based classes written to national academic, social and emotional, and CDC standards!

Dance with Character™

Movement based activities, designed to teach interpersonal relationship skills, self confidence, and creative expression.

BE FIT. BE HEALTHY Wellness™ Classes

Nutrition and fitness take center stage with activities that combine science and hands-on activities to teach practical principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Respect My Groove™ Hip Hop Classes

Kids love to dance! This class teaches urban dance and how to appreciate and accept differences in style.

Have a Voice. Be a Leader.

Using the principles of spoken word poetry and group presentation, this class teaches creative writing and encourages self confidence.

BE KIND America™ Community Service Projects

Project-based pay-it-forward activities designed to express gratitude and show recognition at school, at home, and in the community.

BE KIND Salsa Garden

A unique application of STEM, sustainability, teamwork, and project based learning.

BE KIND Flash Mob and BE FIT Flash Mob

Very high energy kinesthetic learning, designed to help students memorize and understand key skills of kindness through action, movement, and teamwork. Single session.

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