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Support a Generation of Kind and Respectful Youth

Replace your state taxes with a gift to initiate positive change for students through The Be Kind People Project tax credit. The tax credit is under the Charitable Organization category and will replace what you owe in state taxes by $800 for married couples or $400 for single filers.

There’s still time to make a tax credit donation for the 2021 tax year. The deadline for making a charitable contribution for the 2021 tax year is April 18, 2022.

You are also allowed to deduct up to $300 on your federal return for 2021 even if you take the Standard Deduction.

The Be Kind People Project is a 501(c)3 Qualified Charitable Organization (EIN 46-0720140), and as such, your contributions are eligible for the maximum charitable tax advantages available by law.

How It Works

Click here to learn more about Arizona tax credits.

Replace your state taxes with a donation that will deliver youth development programs to students in Title 1 schools


provides classroom materials for 800 students


provides character development lessons for 1600 students


provides youth development programming to 4 Title I Schools

The Be Kind People Project offers innovative and effective programming and services that help students understand and apply the skills of kindness. Programs include virtual school assemblies, online classroom resources, after-school programs, virtual field trips, health and fitness challenges, and more!

The Impact of Kindness

  • Behavior referrals reduce by an average of 19% in the first year and 47% in the third year of BE KIND programming.

  • On average schools achieve an 11% academic improvement after implementing The Be Kind School classroom resources for 1 year.

  • On average, teachers were 97% likely to implement The Be Kind Pledge in their classrooms.

  • After BE KIND programs, 94% of students surveyed were able to identify and apply healthy habits.

  • After a #CyberSkills program, 97% of students commit to showing kindness online.

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