March 7, 2024

Be Kind People Project Celebrates Grand Opening of Community Education Center

The Be Kind Booker Van

Grant for the center came from the Super Bowl LVII Host Committee

The Be Kind People Project® (BKPP) cut the ribbon at the grand opening of their new BE KIND Community Education Center. Located at 731 Grand Ave. in the Roosevelt district of Downtown Phoenix, the new space will allow community members to participate in community engagement programs, creative arts, and more. It will also serve as the headquarters for the national non-profit.

“This space will be a place for enrichment, music, diversity, education, acceptance, building lifelong values and strong relationship skills, connections….and dance.,” said Founder and CEO Marcia Meyer. “We have already put in so much work to the center in order to ensure it reaches its full potential and allows us to expand and amplify our offerings to youth, to families, and to the community.

The BE KIND CREW kicked off the opening with a brand-new dance performance on their new dance floor. Attendees were then guided to the ribbon cutting ceremony with Staff Leadership, Board Members, BE KIND CREW members and dignitaries. Phoenix City Councilwoman Yassamin Ansari and Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers attended and spoke about what the center will bring to the neighborhood and the importance of the work being delivered by The Be Kind People Project programs. The event wrapped with tours of the center, which includes a video studio, professional dance floor, offices and event space.

“This center will provide a huge lift to our mission to deliver relevant learning and youth development opportunities that inspire humanity, academic achievement, healthy living, and initiate a positive change in the learning environment for students wherever and however they learn,” said Vice President of Education Practices Melissa Britt.

Here are a few of the many ways the center will be used:

  • BE KIND Business seminars
  • Volunteer events
  • Fitness and wellness classes
  • Cyber Boot Camps
  • Family engagement
  • School field trips
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