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Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Wellness Wednesday emails are designed to provide you with simple tools, information, and resources to encourage positive and healthy lifestyle choices. As a proud recipient of The Healthy Arizona Worksite Award, The Be Kind People Project is committed to the health and wellness of their employees, friends, and family.

Cultivating Creativity

As we get busy with life’s adventures, it can be easy to forget about the joys of crafting. Creative art projects help relieve stress and may help those living with depression, anxiety, or even those with cancer and dementia. So, let’s tap into our creativity together!

Passion Projects

When was the last time you sat down to craft or do an art project? Arts and crafts come in a variety of forms. So, even if you don’t think you have an artistic eye, there’s an activity that will work for you!

  • Pinterest is a great resource to find a large variety of art projects from coloring pages to DIY building projects for your home!
  • The Home Depot is another great resource to find DIY art projects with functionality. The in-depth craft guide also provides you with the difficulty level and the amount of time needed, so you can pick the perfect craft for you!

Artsy Activities

According to Christianne Strang, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Alabama Birmingham, “creativity is an important aspect to stay healthy and connect with yourself and the world”. Art does not have to be something with an end goal or cost a lot of money. For more information check out this article from NPR!

  • Creating art can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. For example, drawing, painting, collaging, sculpting clay, writing poetry, cake decorating, etc.
  • Coloring pages for adults can be a great way to express yourself without requiring a lot of resources. (We also have one that you can download!)

Quick Creativity

Arts can be an intimidating hobby to take up, but there are many ways to incorporate a few minutes of creativity into your daily schedule.

Take a Time Out! 

Our author, Amanda, has recently taken up journaling and using coloring pages to relieve some of her stress and express herself creatively. She loves using these coloring pages created by artists in Tucson!

What are your favorite ways to express your creativity? Let us know!

Published May 27th, 2020
By Amanda Torrez, School Wellness Programs & Events Intern

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