The Be Kind People Project announces “Rise and Shine Breakfast,” an inaugural event

A unique morning of inspiration that includes a “make and take” service project to benefit more than 1,000 individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County.

The Be Kind People Project (BKPP), a 501c3 non-profit headquartered in Phoenix, gets ready to host their very first Rise and Shine Breakfast in conjunction with their Make A Difference May Campaign. It is an interactive ticketed community breakfast, held at The Arizona Biltmore on Tuesday, April 30th. Guests will have the opportunity to learn more about BKPP, enjoy performances by the BE KIND CREW, and see a live performance of “So Beautiful,” BKPP’s official theme song by Javi Star “Weezy.” Jennifer L Carroll, the keynote speaker will inspire guests as they enjoy their breakfast of Bagels and Bellini’s (featuring Arizona’s only vertical bagel bar!).

As a precursor to Make A Difference May, BKPP launched March M.A.D.*Ness (*Make A Difference), which included surprise school deliveries thanking teachers and staff members to # of schools across Phoenix, and an essay contest. The prompt was “How Are You Making a Difference?”. Over 300 students entered from 29 schools across Maricopa County, and the three winners will be presented at the breakfast.

In Phoenix there are estimated to be 6,000 people experiencing homelessness at any given time. The Be Kind People Project is collecting 13,000 items to assemble 1,000 Summer Care Kits to distribute around the city to Kick off Make A Difference May. To conclude the breakfast, guests will have the opportunity to assemble their very own Summer Care Kit. One they will get to keep and hand distribute and the other they will get to choose which of our partnered organizations the Kit will go to, to be distributed.

About The Be Kind People Project:

The Be Kind People Project (BKPP) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit based in Phoenix, Arizona, focused on building a generation of respectful, responsible, healthy, and caring citizens and leaders. Their mission is to initiate positive social change in schools and provide a framework for youth that will improve academic achievement, interpersonal relationship skills, accountability, behavior, personal health and wellness, teacher appreciation and the formation of enduring values.   Their programs serve as a positive approach to bullying by teaching positive solutions for conflict and the skills of being a kind person, highlighted in The Be Kind Pledge.   They have health, nutrition, fitness and a robust program to tackle cyberbullying.   BKPP has nearly one million contacts annually with students, their teachers, and their families in 14 states.   BKPP offers school assemblies, online learning programs, afterschool and summer classes, leadership conferences, school gardens, community service projects, and family engagement programs.   BKPP’s innovative and culturally relevant programs integrate social, emotional, academic, civic, teacher appreciation, wellness, digital responsibility, online safety, and character education with a high energy, interactive approach that CONNECTS with students through the voice, attitude, and urban dance of THE BE KIND CREW®.  THE BE KIND CREW is a group of over 40 highly talented professional urban dancers who are also trained as education specialists and who serve as an inspiration and positive role examples for students nationwide.


For more information about the impact that BKPP is making in schools, please email Rachael Vargas: or call 602.559.9399.