• Favorite Be Kind Pledge Skills
    Be Supportive & Be Honest
  • Favorite Healthy Habits
    Sleep & Be Me and Love It
  • Favorite Hobbies
    I enjoy being active, reading, music, playing with my dog and kids and just hanging out.
  • Favorite Songs
    I’m on a Disney kick and have listened to a medley of soundtracks for this is the greatest show to Cinderella.
  • Someone who’s made a positive impact in your life
    I have had many teachers throughout life that have each contributed in different aspects of my life and am forever grateful.
  • Education
    BFA in Dance Education from Arizona State University
  • Something You Love to Talk About
    How going vegan has been beneficial to my health and how it could help you.

“You don’t have to have it all figured out life is full of different paths.”

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