Meet Mela from THE BE KIND CREW

  • Favorite Be Kind Pledge Skills
    Be Positive & Be Helpful
  • Favorite Healthy Habits
    Eat the Rainbow & Breathe Deeply
  • Favorite Hobbies
    ART, Webtoons, keychains, Video Games
  • Favorite Songs
    Take on Me – Ah Ha!, Family Hunt- Daniel Rojas, Another Hopeful Tomorrow- Yu-Peng Chen
  • Someone who’s made a positive impact in your life
    My dog Luna has been such a HUGE positive light in my life. Whenever i become sad, she is always there to cheer me up by cuddling with me, getting me up to play games with her, or being by my side when i sleep. Even my dig practices being encouraging, being positive, and being responsible with my other puppy that is younger.
  • Education
    Associate Degree in Engineering Technology
  • Something You Love to Talk About
    The animated show Avatar the last Airbender

“I love being able to make an impact and connect with kids on their level. I love being able to portray kindness through dance and acting.”

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