Meet Gabz from THE BE KIND CREW

  • Favorite Be Kind Pledge Skills
    Be Positive & Be Honest
  • Favorite Healthy Habits
    Breathe Deeply & Snack Smart
  • Favorite Hobbies
    I enjoying painting, drawing and creating pottery.
  • Favorite Songs
    Better when I’m Dancin’ – Meghan Trainor, Try Everything – Shakira
  • Someone who’s made a positive impact in your life
    My friends have impacted me in a positive way. Whether it be from my physical or emotional state. My friends are supportive and encouraging; they truly care for me and lift me up. They are a great support system for me and help me when I need it. They are constantly pushing me to be the best me!
  • Something You Love to Talk About
    My passion for dance. Dance is a something I have spent more than half of my life doing. It allows me to express myself and has impacted me in so many ways.

“I want to share that it is important to form those friendships and to be genuine. Just be who you are and be kind and that will make it so people feel safe and comfortable with you.”

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