Meet Lux from THE BE KIND CREW

  • Favorite Be Kind Pledge Skills
    Be Supportive & Be Responsible
  • Favorite Healthy Habits
    Sleep & Breathe Deeply
  • Favorite Hobbies
    Video games, walking my dog, and learning about history.
  • Favorite Songs
    “Dandelion” by Galantis, JVKE “T.R.I.B.E.” by LG (TEAM GENIUS), Black Prez, The Hamilton Soundtrack
  • Someone who’s made a positive impact in your life
    My teammates! Being surrounded by a group of people who all have the same drive, aspirations, and want for better & kinder communities has been so inspiring!
  • Education
    Bachelor of Arts in History
  • Something You Love to Talk About
    Harry Potter! I grew up with the AR Program in my school (Accelerated Reading) and I fell in love with the Harry Potter books. When the movies were made, they made my life so much more magical! It was a world I can fall into and felt safe.

“It’s okay to have bad days, weeks, and months. But remember, YOU have the POWER to make it a good day, week, or month! Finding the silver lining in not-so-good situations means that there is hope and a possibility for a change!”

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