We Honor Great Teachers!

Matt in Assembly clapping hands

Teachers Are Heroes!

It all starts with a great teacher.

Teachers, we thank you! You play an important role in the classroom with your students, making an impression for life. You make a meaningful contribution to the community, too, by helping to develop students into thinking, responsible, and caring adults. You inspire learning. You present opportunities. You help students understand what is important. And you care.

Appreciating Teachers is Our Focus The Be Kind People Project makes thanking teachers our first priority. We work to highlight the importance of the work of our nation’s educators. Teachers have a vital part in shaping the future of our country’s citizens and leaders.

“A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank….but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child.”

Forest Witcraft

Take The Be Kind Pledge™

Students and entire classrooms can make a commitment to be kind to each other. It really makes a difference in the learning environment. Check it out and have kids let us know when they sign The Be Kind Pledge.

National Contest

Teachers can enter their students in national student competitions several times during the year. And the great thing about our Be Kind People Project contests? Not only does the student win, but the winning students’ teachers get prizes and cool things too. Not to mention bragging rights.

Kindest Teachers in America™

If we only had a photo wall that stretched for miles, we could put the photos of all the great teachers in our country. Here are just some of the kind teacher superstars we know about!

Classroom Kindness Kits

We send a quarterly gesture of appreciation for the great work of teachers to schools that receive our program. We call it a Classroom Kindness Kit. Included is something just for the teacher, as well as classroom resources and student supplies. Everybody wins!

Teachers anywhere in America can receive a Classroom Kindness Kit. Find out how!

Tell Us About Kind Teachers

What teacher has inspired you? Well, tell us about him or her.

Give a shout out to what makes that teacher special – and your favorite teacher just might get recognition as one of The Kindest Teachers in America!

You get extra credit if you send along a photo and tell us where that teacher works. We’re just saying….we have been known to just decide to surprise teachers with something special.

Take A Be Kind Break With Us

Take a Be Kind Break with us while you’re planning a visit with the Be Kind Team!

What is a Be Kind Break?    It’s character development  .. Common Core standards  .. community awareness ..  EXERCISE  (Yes….dancing IS exercise!) .. all in one place.    All ready to use.   Then add in puzzles, contests, The Be Kind Crew, student recognition, and we bet you’ll want to take a Be Kind Break EVERY day.

The Be Kind Break is ready for you to download.    And it’s free.   Teachers, rejoice!

It’s just our way of extending kindness to you.    So you can extend it to someone else….who will give it to another person….who will show kindness to someone else….     You get it.  And it can all start today.   How much better could it possibly get?