Be Kind Tax Credit

Impact a Student in a Positive Way!

We all pay taxes.  And because the Be Kind People Project qualifies as an eligible charity, Arizona residents can make a gift ($400 for individuals, $800 for couples) and take a tax credit (not a deduction) for that full amount.

This is in addition to other Arizona state tax credits like for our schools and the working poor.  For more information about all Arizona tax credits please visit .

Note:  You must have a tax liability at least equal to the amount of the tax credit.  For example, if you owe only $500 in Arizona tax, you can only take a tax credit up to $500.    You have until 4/18/2018 to donate and take the tax credit so you have time to calculate your Arizona tax liability.

The Be Kind People is a comprehensive youth development and teacher appreciation program that links social, emotional, academic, civic, creative, physical, nutritional, and character education to create positive academic, social, and behavior changes for K-8 students. The Be Kind People Project is an approved provider of character education programs by the State of Arizona Department of Education, provides 94% of its services to Title 1 schools, and is a Qualified Charitable Organization.

Please click on the button below to donate to initiate positive change for students through The Be Kind People Project tax credit. Thank you for your kind support!