Register as a Be Kind Business


A customized program will be created maximizing resources and exposure opportunities allowing them to reach their community relations, marketing, and goals. The Be Kind People Project provides meaningful and engaging opportunities to connect with the local and national communities. At any level, sponsors partner for regional or national impact through financial, in-kind, and employee volunteer engagement.

How much will this cost?

We work together with you to understand your goals, objectives, targets, and budget.  Our team will customize a program including timeline and cost, providing clarity and confidence throughout the development decision making process.  Companies, tend to realize at this point, how much impact their sponsorship will have on students, teachers, schools and communities.   The Be Kind People Project understands the importance of metrics and will also help design the appropriate measurements for a successful and rewarding partnership.

How do we begin?

Understand our mutual objectives and goals and commit to the assets and energy needed for excellence – and never forget that the benefits for the students comes first.