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    This virtual camp costs $120/week and runs from July 12-16th from 9 am-12 pm (AZ Time).
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  • Media Release & Waiver - For use for photos/ video/ artwork/ audio/ profiles/ stories/creative work

    The Be Kind People Project® (a 501c3 public charity) and its authorized or related entities have my permission to use my photograph, video and/or audio recordings, creative work, likeness, designated name, artwork, profile and other similar materials or representation done in relation to the work of The Be Kind People Project at the discretion of and timing deemed appropriate by The Be Kind People Project in any media format, publications, web pages, online and social media applications, program materials, promotional efforts, and other forms of communication that are designed expressly and solely for representing and/or furthering the activities and work of The Be Kind People Project.

    I understand that the circulation of the materials could be worldwide and that I do not need to pre-authorize usage, nor will I receive compensation for usage.

    I understand that my child’s name and/or parent/guardian name will be visible to all participants on the live ZOOM call/virtual visit, and as such, I grant permission for my child to participate in said call.

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