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The Be Kind People Project bands with community and schools band to create an environment for positive academic and behavior program based on respect and responsibility

The Be Kind PledgeAugust 13, 2018 (PHOENIX, AZ) Across the country, news headlines are focused on respect and responsibility.

Watertown, South Dakota is doing something about it.   Working together to create a positive learning environment that will serve both students and their teachers, Watertown schools and The Be Kind People Project (a 501c3 non-profit) will present a comprehensive youth development program based on kindness towards others the week of October 8, 2018.

Based on ten skill sets of The Be Kind Pledge™, The Be Kind People Project works in an innovative and pro-active way to help kids learn what TO do instead of what NOT to do.   Says Chief Programs and Services Officer, Bo Whittenton, “We’ve been called the best anti-bullying program available to schools and we never even say the word “bully” to the kids at any time. Instead, we help kids to understand that it’s COOL to be kind.”

Watertown………. (paragraph and quote about Watertown’s commitment and plans)

“We are excited to bring THE BE KIND CREW® to Watertown to work with their students.   We’ve been so impressed with the commitment of the schools and the community.   This is something very special to have such broad support, and we think that the town will feel the positive effects,” says Whittenton.   “In addition, we celebrate teachers, we thank them, and we encourage kids to do the same.”

Recently, The Be Kind People Project released an original music video and song dedicated to an attitude of gratitude for our nation’s teachers.   It will be performed live by THE BE KIND CREW when they are in Watertown.     View the video here:   #BeKindThankTeachers

The Be Kind People Project is encouraging parents, kids and adults who remember teachers who made the difference in their life, to pay it forward by simply sharing the video to their educator of choice to start the school year off in a positive way.