Alix understands the importance of teachers… After all, she’s been teaching dance since she was 14!

The reason Alix is so involved in dancing and teaching is that Alix really likes to dance….scratch that – she truly loves it.  And she says there is nothing like the feeling when her students have that “ah-ha moment” of getting something that they’ve been practicing.  She gets why teachers need to be thanked more often, and why kids need to appreciate their efforts.

What few people know is that Alix is a competitive jump-roper.  Maybe that’s why the three words that best describe her are “funny,” “quirky,” and “determined.”   Alix works hard at everything she does, and she understands the importance of mastering small details to reach an overall goal.

Alix’s favorite part of the Be Kind Crew assemblies is when the kids come up to the dancers after the assembly and tell them what the experience means to them. It has really impressed her of the importance of the message they communicate to their young audience.  It has even led her to find ways of applying the Be Kind Pledge in her own life.

Alix is a native of Prescott, Arizona.  When she’s not studying Dance at Arizona State University, she is dancing or teaching dance herself.  In addition to being a member of the Be Kind Crew, Alix is a member of the EPIK Dance Company, and has been dancing professionally since she was 15.