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The Be Kind People Project offers unique and culturally relevant youth development programs that effectively combine academics, character education, nutrition, fitness, digital citizenship, civic awareness, teacher appreciation, and family engagement.

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‌‌• The Be Kind Crew™ Assemblies

‌‌• Classroom Kindness Kits

‌‌• Be Kind Break™ ‌‌

• Be Kind School™

• Be Kind After School™

‌‌• Crew Connection Classes

‌‌• Be Kind Pledge™ Flash Mobs

‌‌• Youth Leadership Conferences

‌‌• Family Engagement

“We are grateful for the hard work and dedication of BKPP and all they offer to not only our community, but also society as a whole. This organization operates with levels of compassion, professionalism, and integrity that would be model for any institution”.

-Melissa Faeh, Vice Principal, Kiva Elementary, Scottsdale AZ

“We are sill buzzing about the Be Kind Assembly. We cant “THANK YOU” enough for selecting our school. We feel blessed to have connected with your program. We recite he “Be Kind Pledge” every morning as a part of our announcements.

-Kevin Bracht, Principal, Walnut Street, Uniondale, NY