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Our Partners

Fine companies and organizations share a commitment with The Be Kind People Project to improve the education environment in their communities in innovative and meaningful ways. They care about teachers and care about our kids.

We work with companies big and small. And we love to collaborate with other non-profits, civic groups, city councils, churches…and more. Let’s face it, we just can’t get the message about the importance of civility in our country across to our kids too much.

We appreciate their support and help!


Here’s an example of how one of our partners is working with The Be Kind People Project. We consider Fiesta Bowl Charities one of the Kindest Organizations in America!

Get Involved

Find out how your company or community organization can get involved. The Be Kind People Project offers opportunities to reach teachers, get their feedback, and we provide volunteer opportunities for company employees to aid local schools.

Let us know if you’d like more information. We’d thank you kindly!

Get Involved

Focused on Education

The Be Kind People Project is committed to showing teachers how important they are in forming the character of the next generation. Dedicated teachers can be the cornerstone of inspiring a generation of responsible and respectful people.

Want us to feature your favorite teacher? Someone who inspired you, or makes your kids enthusiastic to learn? Send us your nomination today!

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