July 2, 2024

The Be Kind People Project Takes the Lead in Addressing Youth Mental Health and Cyber Safety Concerns

Lora Golke

The Surgeon General recently released a warning on the impact of social media on the mental health of our youth. This validates what The Be Kind People Project (BKPP) has recognized in our work with America’s youth over the past ten years and is why they have been and will continue to lead in fighting for our children. BKPP knows there is no single answer to this issue, and thus are taking a multi-pronged approach to reach school-age children with a positive message of kindness.

BKPP is partnering with Cyber.org to host a #Cyberskills Boot Camp for children ages K-8th grade to promote cyber safety, kindness, and mental well-being. The four-day camp features a variety of engaging activities for kids that will promote digital literacy and creativity. Kids will learn to navigate through different digital elements, including the basics of coding and creating professional videos. From script writing to editing, campers will be given the opportunity to work together and embrace their creativity.

“Technology is such a dominant part of our culture now. It’s important to teach new generations how to handle it safely and responsibly,” said Marcia Meyer, CEO and founder of The Be Kind People Project.

But kids cannot be in this alone. For this reason, parents and teachers are encouraged to join the fun for an evening of learning and bonding. The Be Kind People Project is hosting a free teacher training on Cyber Safety. The week culminates with a fun family event, including parents, aimed at sharing the skills campers learned for reinforcement and support at home. All educators and parents can attend free of cost.

Additionally, The Be Kind People Project has partnered with BE KIND UNIVERSE to support a kids’ gaming app designed to reimagine anti-bullying programming and education. And finally, The Be Kind People Project is developing BE KIND ETL (Expanded Technology Learning), a platform that uses augmented reality videos to teach children essential digital skills implementing and emphasizing the tenets of the BE KIND Pledge.

To register for the Cyberskills Boot Camp, please visit https://thebekindpeopleproject.org/summer-camps-24/.

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