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Racing thoughts keeping you up?

Have you ever had those sleepless nights where your anxiety won’t turn itself off? You toss and turn. You get up to read so you can trick your mind into falling asleep. Next thing you know, it’s the morning, and you maybe got 2-3 hours of “sleep.”

Nighttime anxiety is not a new or unique case of anxiety. Unfortunately, anxiety doesn’t have a set time limit for when it kicks us into survival mode. However, let’s learn some ways that we can take control so we can get some rest!

Tips to rest easy

There are a variety of tips and tricks that you can practice to help yourself get a better night’s rest. However, focusing on relieving your anxiety at the source can give you the most success. Here are some tips to ease into sleep:

  • Talk it out – A licensed mental health professional can help you narrow down the root cause of your anxiety and provide tools and techniques to soothe your anxiety.
  • Avoid stimulants – Caffeine, nicotine, and exercise too close to bed can make it more difficult for your body to relax before bed.
  • Set the scene – Setting the tone before bed can help signal to your body that it’s time for bed. Turning the lights down, reducing screen time, and making sure your room is at an optimal temperature will help your body and mind get ready for bedtime.
  • Focus on your breath – Practicing relaxation techniques like box breathing or meditation can help your mind get ready for a restful night.

Coping Techniques

Creating an environment for rest is actually pretty simple! Ideally, you will need your room to be cool, dark, and quiet. Here are some recommendations:

  • A warm glow – Research suggests that warmer colored lights may help with melatonin production, which is the hormone your body releases when it’s time to go to sleep. Blue light, or cooler colored lights, may interfere with melatonin production and keep you up.
  • Bring in the (white) noise – Additional research shows that white noise can help create a relaxing environment. Whether it’s a white noise machine or a YouTube video, white noise can create your relaxation station!
  • Bear the weight – Weighted blankets can help promote relaxation as the gentle pressure can resemble a hug or the feeling of being swaddled as a baby. Speak to your doctor beforehand, as weighted blankets may be unsuitable for individuals living with certain medical conditions.

Letting it go

It might be hard to find some peace at bedtime because there’s so much worry taking space in your mind, and your thoughts are a rollercoaster that you can’t seem to stop. Set time before you go to bed to practice some calming activities like coloring, journaling, or reading.

Sometimes, setting a 20-30 minute “worry time” a couple of hours before bed can help you slow down. The key is to write out all your concerns and then create solutions to address those problems. That way, you ease your worries and can let them go their merry way!

Finding sleep support

Do you have any tips to fight off nighttime anxiety? Let us know and share the love with your friends!

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with mental health issues and need someone to talk to, click here for a list of national warmlines you can use today. If you, or someone you know, is in a crisis, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK.

Published on October 6th, 2021
By Krysta Flores, School Wellness Programs & Events Coordinator

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