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A helpful guide!

With the summer heat right around the corner, it may be too hot to pursue your normal physical activities (hiking, cycling, running, etc.) outside. It may even just be a struggle to find the willpower to brave the inside of your baking car to get to the gym.

Here a few ways to pursue your health and exercise goals from the comfort of your own home – and air conditioning!

Prime Time

Did you know that your Amazon Prime membership indirectly comes with an at-home “gym membership”? As an Amazon Prime member, you have free access to a library of various fitness videos including, Zumbayogakids fitness, and a plethora of cardio programs. Just head to Prime Video, search for ‘fitness’, and find a program/video that aligns with your fitness goals.

Author’s Note: If you enjoy group fitness classes, I encourage you to invite your family/friends to join in on the fun through Amazon Watch Party or screencasting the video onto your living room TV! My roommates and I love to have Zumba night!

Water Workout

You can also have fun in the sun with a splash of cardio. If you have access to a pool, swimming laps, or performing water aerobics is a great way to beat the heat and complete a full-body workout. If swimming isn’t your thing, challenge your family/friends to a competitive water tournament such as volleyball or basketball. If you live near a lake, you can work out and cool off by paddle boardingkayaking, or paddle boating.

If you don’t have access to bodies of water, channel your inner child! Run through the sprinklers or have a water gun/balloon fight. There’s no better way to get your cardio than by having fun with a smile on your face!

The 20 Minute Hotel Workout

The summertime may also correlate with potential travel plans – seeing grandparents, staycation, family vacation, etc. – with all travel safety restrictions considered. When you’re on the go, it may be challenging to squeeze in your regular workout cadence. However, here’s a quick, 20-minute circuit you can complete with the equipment inside your hotel room!

Set a timer for 15 minutes and see how many circuits you can complete. Don’t forget to stretch after you finish!

Beat the Heat and Your Fitness Goals

Regardless of the temperature or your accessibility to the gym, don’t let your fitness and exercise goals take a back seat this summer. Prioritize your health, and don’t be afraid to get creative by mixing summer fun with your workout routine!

Tag us in your favorite at-home workout video OR challenge us to your favorite at-home workout by uploading it to social media and tagging us!

Published on April 21st, 2021

By: Ashley McCarty, School Wellness Programs & Events Intern

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