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Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Wellness Wednesday emails are designed to provide you with simple tools, information, and resources to encourage positive and healthy lifestyle choices. As a proud recipient of The Healthy Arizona Worksite Award, The Be Kind People Project is committed to the health and wellness of their employees, friends, and family.

First off, take it easy!

Hello, and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones! You successfully made it through a monumental year full of highs and lows, learning and growing, and reflection. After a year like that, it’s easy to look back on it with a sour taste, but take some time to find some gratitude and growth within that year so we can look forward to what this new year has to offer!

Let’s get the year started by talking about how you can start your day off on the right foot. Whether you are up before the sun or like to hit the snooze button, there is always a way to start your day in a positively!

Help Future You

Give your future self a helping hand by starting some of your morning habits – at night! By taking some time at night to prep for the next day, you end up giving Future You more time at the beginning of your day for different activities like a morning workout or yoga session, a mindful breakfast, or morning meditation – whatever you would like! Here are some ideas:

  • Knock out some of your morning “chores”: Like laying your clothes out for the morning and if you are heading into work that day, making lunch and putting your essentials (keys, wallet, sunglasses, mask) all in one spot so they are easy to find!
  • Make a to-do list: By writing down your tasks for the next day, you will keep those sleep-disrupting thoughts and anxieties out of your head so you can sleep easy and help you feel in control of what the next day will bring.

Feel energized

So you just woke up feeling well-rested from getting your recommended amount of sleep, and now you have some free time before starting your day. First things first, DO NOT hit that snooze button! Falling back asleep after stopping your alarm may cause sleep inertia, which makes you feel confused and even more tired after waking up. Instead, try some of these tips:

  • Rethink your drink: Reach for a glass of water BEFORE your cup of coffee in the morning! By starting your morning off with a glass of water, you’ll not only fight off dehydration symptoms but the water will help stimulate your organs and help your body wake up faster.
  • Stretch and Move: Instead of jumping right into an intense morning workout, wake up your body with some gentle stretching. After you have done that, then you can get moving with either a short walk or even a little dance party!
  • Soak up the sun: Get some sunlight shortly after waking up for a boost of energy! The blue light found in the sun’s rays stimulates your brain by suppressing melatonin. Sunlight is also vital for vitamin D production, which helps maintain calcium levels and supports our immune system!

Take a deep breath

Taking a moment for some deep breaths not only help you practice mindfulness, but it can also help you feel more awake by increasing the amount of oxygen in the body. There are plenty of guided meditation apps and videos on YouTube to help you out!

There are also studies that suggest that some scents can help perk you up, however, these effects may vary from person to person. Here are some smells that may help you feel alert:

  • Brewing coffee
  • Fresh peppermint
  • Lemon zest
  • Other essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, orange, or clove

Grow without guilt!

Take a moment to remember that your goals for the year are just that – YOURS. So they should be something that will guide you to grow, not something to make you feel bad about yourself! Remember this when you are thinking about your goals for the new year so you can start the entire year on a positive note!

Author Notes – Krysta Flores, School Wellness Programs & Events Coordinator

Need some ideas? Here’s one of my personal goals for the upcoming year!

  • “Pay more attention to my physical and mental health, and take time to acknowledge it and take care of it. For example, meditating, moving my body, and journaling every day.” – To be honest, I forgot about really taking care of myself in 2020 on a deeper level. While I did take some big steps in my health, I let some things fall by the wayside. So 2021 is about trying to find that happy balance!

Published January 6th, 2021

By Krysta Flores, School Wellness Programs & Events Coordinator

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