Health-boosting bonds with our furry friends!

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Animals, no matter how big or small, have a special place in everyone’s heart. But did you know that bonding with your pets can actually boost your mental and physical health? Today we’re going to look at how spending time with animals improves your health and how you can return the favor!

For more information on how pets keep us healthy, click the infographic below!

Health benefits of a pet

A dog is a “man’s best friend” that requires attention and care. While you are taking care of your pet, your pet is also taking care of you. Here are some of the benefits of spending time with your furry friends:

  • Decreases blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels
  • Reduced feelings of loneliness and increased activity
  • Improved responsibility and compassion in children
  • Lowered anxiety levels

For more ways that pets help improve our lives, click here!

How to keep your pet healthy

One of your responsibilities as a pet owner is to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy. Here are some great ways to care for your pets’ health:

  • Give Attention: Walking and playing with your pet helps keep them active and happy!
  • Visit the Vet: Scheduling regular checkups for your pet is important for maintaining both overall wellness and medical records.
  • Feed to Fuel: Correctly feeding your pet well-balanced meals helps them stay healthy and energized! Look for grain-free brands that contain whole food ingredients.

Keep track of your pets’ health on Babel Bark. This app helps you keep medical records, find a local service provider, and track your pets’ daily activity.

Adopt, don’t shop!

The first step to having a pet is finding the perfect animal to love and care for. Every year, 6.5 million animals are given a second chance after a life of abuse or abandonment at animal shelters nationwide. Oftentimes, these shelters will take care of spaying and neutering services and provide immunizations for you when you adopt! Here are some great pointers for adopting your next animal companion:

  • WeRescue from Home: By adopting a pet from this fun and interactive app, you can find your perfect match without even leaving your house!
  • Save Money, Save Lives: One big advantage of adopting is that shelters are often much more affordable than your typical pet shop. In fact, a lot of adoption shelters right now are offering a discounted rate!
  • Check out Paw Paw: Finding the right pet for you is important and this app agrees! Paw Paw a great app that helps you find a specific pet around your area and creates a best-fit match.

For more tips about adoption, click here for tips from ASPCA!

Published April 8th, 2020
By Mauro Maynez, School Wellness Programs & Events Intern

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