It’s time for a CHANGE – Let’s work together to create something POSITIVE in the media!

With the culmination of recent events worldwide, negativity is overwhelming the media. We believe there are MILLIONS of kind people in the world.  It’s time to make a change and flood the internet with kindness! With YOUR help we can send a message of positivity to all people the best way we know how: DANCING.

We are starting a BE KIND DANCE CHALLENGE social media campaign to CHANGE some of the negativity trending on the internet and in the news right now by inserting a message of POSITIVITY through dance! It’s a way for people to make a statement for being positive – and being kind. Let’s face facts– our world could really use a catalyst for kindness!

How to participate in the #BeKindDanceChallenge:

Please LIKEand SHARE and COMMENT on our video right away! It will be posted at 6:30 am (9:30 am EST) on Tuesday, August 9th!! We need to have an instant reaction to make this video travel across the internet, so set your alarms.


Get creative! Make a video of YOU incorporating the Be Kind Dance Move and use the hashtag #BeKindDanceChallenge  – You can even make your video in advance so it’s ready to post on Tuesday!

Make sure to dance to the chorus of “Jump out the Whip” by Tedashii. Follow this link to hear the song now:

Don’t forget to tag us! Below is a list of our social media handles

Challenge at least 3 of your friends/co-workers/family member’s/community groups to take the challenge WITHIN 48 HOURS by tagging them in your post. Let’s spread kindness worldwide.

Finally- put The Be Kind Pledge™ into action and encourage all of your friends and family to get involved! Comment and like other videos of people participating in the challenge to prove kindness CAN change the world!

Let’s make kindness go VIRAL!!!

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