Your ultimate guide to continue at-home studies while focusing on kindness, health and wellness, and being a responsible part of the household.





In response to school closures, The Be Kind People Project is providing daily resources for academics, mindfulness, kindness, health, and fitness. This includes free online academic resources, a web-series, daily videos on social media to get people up and moving, and a daily schedule that will keep kids and their entire family inspired, moving, and entertained all day long.


How can you put The Be Kind Pledge into action?
Use this template to add kindness to your daily schedule.

Academic Resources

Recently unlocked for March and April, The BE KIND School takes a comprehensive approach that links evidence-based standards with academic enrichment, healthy living, social and emotional skills, pay-it-forward ideas, and creative expression. The online program also features the MAKE a DIFFERENCE May™ Essay Contest urging youth to provide solutions to improve our communities while igniting the power of kindness.

Be Kind Daily

Family Conversations

Centered around the principles of kindness, these family conversation topics aim to foster important social and emotional wellness skills.

Parent / Family Engagement


The Be Kind People Project switches gears on social media to help the community stay healthy, happy, and connected. The Be Kind Hive Time is a weekly series on Youtube that will address relevant themes and how to apply The Be Kind Pledge to everyday life. Using movement and classroom-based techniques, THE BE KIND CREW will connect with students by focusing on topics such as hygiene, physical activity, positivity, and creative expression. Launching Wednesday March 25th .


The Be Kind Pledge™

Integrated in proven programming, The Be Kind Pledge defines the skills of kindness and helps students understand how to be kind in their daily lives. Kindness is at the core of how people of all ages respect, communicate with, and treat others. Because meaningful character education is an essential pillar of effective social, emotional, and academic learning, The Be Kind People Project provides students with an evidence-based learning approach that teaches students what TO do instead of what NOT to do.

At any time, being kind is important,
but never more so than now.

The Be Kind People Project® (BE KIND) is a public 501 (c) 3 non-profit dedicated to providing students with comprehensive youth development programming that effectively use a positive approach to social, emotional, and academic learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to initiate positive social change in schools and provide a framework for youth that will improve academic achievement, interpersonal relationship skills, accountability, behavior, personal health and wellness, teacher appreciation and the formation of enduring values.


The Be Kind People Project has a vision of building a generation of respectfulresponsiblehealthy, and caring citizens and leaders and believes that in a multi- cultural society, trust, understanding, tolerance, and kindness are the cornerstones of peace, order, and civility.

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