National Writing Contest

The Concept

Kindness and thoughtfulness for others are values that are important for building character in our students while creating a culture of kindness in our schools. Today’s teachers have a unique opportunity to ignite the power of kindness in our classrooms, simply by acknowledging and reinforcing actions and thinking that lead to a high respect level for kindness.

The Topic: Why Kindness is Good for America

The original writing should be based on real observations of kindness and utilize at least one Be Kind Pledge attribute to describe the individual described in the piece. The submissions should be original work by the student. Open to students in grades K-8.

Grades K-2: Submit a picture or picture series accompanied by 3-5 sentences.

Grades 3-5: Submit a written essay, maximum 2 pages, typed double spaced or printed legibly.

Grades 6-8: Submit a written essay, maximum 3 pages, typed double spaced.

All students are eligible For students in alternative learning classes, the teacher should indicate the appropriate grade level on the entry form.

Click below for rules, entry form, and release form.